People First: Prioritizing People for Humane Products

We have all been involved in product development projects defined by technical constraints, such as a legacy development framework, or by the seemingly arbitrary preferences of leadership and decision-makers. Since products are designed to support a business model, our work may include implementing features that increase revenue, but at a cost to users. As designers and developers committed to doing good work, these projects chafe, raising questions about quality and professional ethics.

A “people first” approach puts caring for people, in all their diversity, at the center of product design and development. Integrating user experience methods brings insights into the product development process to inform decision-making all along the way. In this session, we will discuss the value of focusing attention on people, and explore the role of user experience in developing humane products.

Session details

Date: 2017-09-13
Time: 10:40-11:20
Location: Multirummet

Sarah Horton


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