Distilling with Methods: Moving from Insights to Frameworks

Every project carries with it a great amount of raw information and insight, coming from business, brand, and product strategy as well as user research. Carrying all that data with us throughout a project can be challenging, creating a risk that the resulting product will have an inconsistent experience and will not fulfill core needs. We must sort and process data so we understand which are important, and how those insights relate to each other and in context.

We can use UX methods to distill insights and generate models to guide decisions in a project, both on a strategic and detail level. In this session we will look at different methods and what we can achieve by using them to process insights to something tangible and usable as guidelines when designing and developing a product.

Session details

Date: 2017-09-13
Time: 13:50-14:50
Location: Multirummet

Elma Cavalic


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