Coming Together: Planning (and Adapting) Your Interfaces

Design is hard. We are tasked with solving users’ problems and removing friction from tasks they need to accomplish, while being mindful of their individuality. Every person is different and everyone’s experiences are different, even when interacting with the same thing. In this session, we’ll look at the breadth of human experience discussed in previous sessions, tempered with insight into the peculiarities of the devices we use to access and interact with the web. We’ll see how these “special needs” come together to create a perfect storm of development considerations and then examine ways to address them through collaborative planning and flowcharts. We’ll examine ways to prototype interactions and evaluate their use with the help of developer tools and real users. Finally, we’ll explore ways to get the whole team—from product managers all the way through to quality assurance—on the same page when it comes to how an interface should behave in a variety of scenarios.

Session details

Date: 2017-09-13
Time: 15:50-16:30
Location: Multirummet

Aaron Gustafson


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